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Kingasterisk Technology Provides multiple methods of VoIP call recording Solution, many of which come with at least some issues or flaws. The most common problems of VoIP call recording services include:

Call recording is a feature present in both client and server side software’s provided by KingAsterisk Technologies. This is a use ful feature especially when there are law obligations or for quality control.

On the server each call can be recorded (selectable by route/user) regardless of the codec used (all common codec's are supported). The recording is done using separate low priority background thread which doesn’t affect the call quality in any way.

These files are usually stored on a separate hard disk to not affect the I/O speed on the primary disk where the VoIP server is installed

The Real time call listening is another feature to allow more control over your server/callcenter useful for call inspection by supervisors or for quality control.

This feature is working even if the call recording is not enabled for all calls where the RTP is also routed by the softswitch. (This can be forced per user or route using the "Users and devices" form, "Edit" page, "Route RTP" settings)To listen in a running call, just open the "Current calls" form, right click to any call and select "Listen current call" or "Voice here".


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