What Our Clients Are Saying | KingAsterisk

Dapto, Australia

" Very satisfied with outcome. Very knowledgeable. Will definitely use this freelancer again." 

Philippines Paranaque

" These guys know their stuff. You get a lot of posers who know Vicidial but just the surface of it. These guys know Vicidial." 

Milan Area Italy

" King Asterik is a magician VOIP Engineer . He is able to deploy great and complex projects." 

Hiren Patel, India

" Thanks King, You are really superb in voip technology,I am really appriciate work with you and you have great knowledge of asterisk and development of it. I really recommending you for several projects in voip technology.

J K Singha , India

Good Services I must say and they have very skillfull peoples. I am currently looking to have another services from KingAsterisk for my current organisation.

Sri Sampath, UK

King Asterisk has excellent knowledge and understanding about the technology. He works with involvement and committed to deliver. He is a tmne fabulous guy to work with and can trust him for his work.

Promod, India

KingAsterisk Technologies is fast growing organisation and their services are praiseworthy.I wish them great luck and success in their venture.

Shawn Shen, China

KingAsterisk is a professional VoIP system integrator based on Asterisk open source platform with rich experience.

Azeem Baig, Pakistan

I have taken the services of Mr King Asterisk for few Asterisk based projects which involved setting up asterisk as a gateway and as a phone system.I found him very creative, precise and innovative. He has been very professional regarding his services.


King has an aptitude for aesthetics and understanding clients that makes him stand out from the thousands of Asterisk consultant. I am glad to have found him and now I can outsource several task to him.

LWCam.., Brazil

Excellent professional. Recommended! We will work more in future!

Lars Rissmann, USA

Pleasure working with. Very professional set up and great solutions available.

EagleTelecom, Spain

Great Job by These guys have done good expirence.

Vijay Bubna, mumbai

KingAsterisk knows voip like no one els... i know he is very good in his work.

Yunus, Malaysia

As the business growing up, KingAsterisk supported us a lot..

Voxel, Distrito Nacional

Would hire again!, really fast and professional!

vishal_zala, Australia

Full Marks , Thanks , Looking forward to do more business with you.

Talk Smart, New York

Avery honest , responsible, reliable , responsible and a great partner to work with.

Dwibendu, India

King have a great knowledge in VoIP World.

bradoooo, Australia

Great freelancer. Will use again in the future.

avireem, Canada

Great work! Very attentive and great communication! Will be happy to work with him in the future!

MichaelRiceTX, US

VOIP Experts for sure

MyMedia, UK

Great freelancer excellent communication. Will use again when my server is reay :) thank you Asterisk King.

meleng, South Africa

Resolve my issue in minutes!

hitstay, US

Excellent job and very fast, they know what there doing...

Derek Winchester

I have required the help of King Asterisk many of times and he has always had my back. The most resourceful individual that I have had the privilege of working with.

An Woo, Singapore

Avery a very responsible , professional in his job when doing business with him.


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