VOIP Billing Solution

We offer most powerful, secure, reliable and advanced billing reporting system, which help to you for manage your billing process

Kingasterisk's VoIP billing system helps in automated billing and collection, it helps in monitoring sales data and replicate the actual position of organization. It is an absolute financial accounting and able to knob large numbers of customers prepaid as well as post paid. We give you all the tools you need to bill VoIP calls, generate invoices and collect payments.


Customer Management

Organizing your customers, resellers and providers are very effective and efficient with Kingasterisk Billing.

Multiple Payment Gateway

Recharge and Toping up account easily and quickly and real time balance reporting.

Real Time Billing

In Real time billing if customers balance is low calls will be stopped then and their balance will not in negative.

Rates Management

Rates handling and manage rates easily with Kingasterisk Billing system.


Auto Invoicing and receipts for postpaid and prepaid customers.

Call Reports

Generate real-time call reports in our billing system.

Credit Control & Collection

Controls usage and revenue by assigning different credit classes to different customers. Supports payment collection and applying them to invoices.

Multiple Currencies

Multiple currencies used in different countries can complicate the billing system as the billing and customer care system must be capable of recording and processing in units of multiple currencies.


Reliable and Secure

Safe and Secure

Billing Rates Management

Billing Rates Management

Advanced Reporting

Advanced Reporting

Manage Financial History

Manage Financial History

Automated Billing and Invoicing

Automated Billing and Invoicing

Minimize Resources

Minimize Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

VoIP Billing System is the perfect reaction for all the billing necessities. Kingasterisk, a famed VoIP Software Provider confers the ideal arrangements alongside prompt technical support that utilizes the best framework for giving services such as payment, expenses, rates and bills of calls.

There are many reason for use VOIP Billing solution,

  • Account management
  • Better pricing flexibility
  • Improved customer retention
  • Enhanced security
  • Support for multiple payment gateways
  • Subscription management

This is way a VoIP billing system can help your business,

  • Create Invoices from anywhere
  • Saves time from the long process of manual invoice generation
  • Send multiple invoices simultaneously
  • Access at any time
  • Track your expenses
  • Get your payments faster

We provide best voip billing solution, which help in handle all billing requirements.

  • Convenient for making limitless customers with the combination of prepaid and postpaid users
  • Oversee charging, payment and Report data
  • Collaborate and advance work management
  • We provide all the tools for handle billing needs
  • Quality-focused solution
  • Dedicated and expeditious technical support


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