Voice Broadcasting Solution

Voice broadcasting is a mass communication technique which you lets you send automated calls to a large number of people at once

Broadcasting the message in real voice is a great way to communicate with your audience. Our voice broadcasting solution helps you to send your pre-recorded voice message to mass. Expand your reach with our outbound voice broadcasting service. Manage multiple voice campaigns seamlessly on our easy-to-use web portal. Access and analyse your active campaign status with our real-time dashboard and reports.


Run Multiple Campaign

Operate and monitor multiple voice broadcasting campaigns simultaneously on Servetel’s easy-to-use web portal.

Customized Message

User can create customized pre-recorder message and send to large number of audience.

Press Key 1

Send a personalized message and prompts people to press #1 to show their interest. Receiver can press 1 and call will automatically be disconnected.


Type and convert your text to an audio message instantly with in-built TTS integration.

Import Contacts

Import all of your contact number in few seconds. The Smart system will filter all your contacts, remove duplicate and invalid numbers automatically.

Call Tracking & Recording

You can track all the calls right from the Exotel dashboard. Exotel records all the calls so that you can use it later for monitoring & training purposes.


Reach out to a large target audience in different regional languages. Audio files can be created, edited and reused across multiple campaigns through a user-friendly web panel.

Report & Analytics

Make better decisions & track performance by analyzing daily call reports. All these reports are real-time & detailed.


Wide Market Reach

Wide Market Reach

Improve Customer Experience

Improve Customer Experience

Increased Agent's Efficiency

Increased Agent's Efficiency

Improve Team Productivity

Improve Team Productivity

Surveys & Customer Feedback

Surveys & Customer Feedback

Real-Time Call Analytics

Real-Time Call Analytics

Frequently Asked Questions

Bulk voice message can be made using Kingasterisk’ web-based voice broadcasting service - our system sends out approximately 1,000 calls per minute to all of your contacts.

Once you have registered as a client, follow these simple three steps to initiate a voice broadcasting campaign:

  • Numbers database is uploaded & saved as a list. A campaign is created by uploading the voice file & selecting the list.
  • Calls are broadcasted with a custom voice to the users over the phone.
  • The users answers the phone call & enters feedback.
  • Responses from a user are recorded in real-time & processed according to the call flow.
  • Automated callback can be triggered after receiving input from the user.

In many industries is send voice messages to large audience. It is very difficult to send voice messages to every person, so, Kingasterisk offer voice broadcasting solution for that. With voice broadcasting solution can send bulk voice messages to large audience in few seconds and it is save your valuable time.

  • Reach large number of people at one click
  • Send bulk voice message
  • Save your valuable time and cost
  • Improve business productivity
  • Get detailed report

  • Political Campaigns
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Hospitality
  • Banking
  • E-commerce

We provide best voice broadcasting solution, which is save yout time and cost.

  • East to setup
  • Easily send voice messages
  • Save your valuable time and cost
  • Improve your business productivity
  • Real-time detailed report
  • 24×7 technical live support


We offer voice broadcasting demo. Watch our demo and see how does it work?